Postdoctoral Fellow
(609) 258-5731

Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anita moved to North Carolina in 2010 to obtain her B.S. degree in Chemistry at Methodist University. During her undergraduate studies, she conducted research in organic chemistry with Prof. Eun Hoo Kim. In 2014, she joined the group of Prof. Amanda Hargrove at Duke Chemistry, where she developed small molecules and chemical biology approaches to interrogate the structure and function of long non-coding RNAs. Upon receiving her Ph.D. in 2020, she was eager to join the Brangwynne lab as a postdoctoral researcher and combine her passion for chemistry and RNA with the exciting field of intracellular phase separation. She is specifically interested in developing new tools to study and control nucleic acid-driven condensate formation in live cells. In her free time, Anita enjoys watercolor painting, cooking & gardening, paddle boarding, and outdoor activities with her dog Pablo.