Imaging Facility Director
(609) 258-5731

Evangelos Gatzogiannis recently joined the Brangwynne Lab. He is the Imaging Facility Director at Princeton Chemical and Biological Engineering. Previously, he was the director of the Lewis-Sigler Genomics Institute Imaging Core facility from 2013 – May 2019 where he built custom two photon, light sheet, and laser-scanning super-resolution microscopes for use by Princeton researchers in Integrative Genomics,  Molecular Biology, Physics, and other departments.  Prior to that, Evangelos spent a significant amount of time working with and building advanced microscopy setups at Columbia and running a custom microscopy facility at Harvard.  He is an alumnus of Princeton, having come in 2003 to the Chemistry department where he learned how to work with ultra-fast lasers and nonlinear optics.  His previous interests included Coherent Raman imaging (CARS, SRS), but more recently he has branched out to two photon, SHG, light sheet, confocal, TIRF and super-resolution approaches (STED, PALM, STORM).  With the upcoming creation of the shared research imaging core facility, NanoCIE (Nanoscale Condensate Imaging and Engineering), he will focus on user training and support especially with regards to more specialized techniques, FLIM, FCS, STED, STORM, and advanced confocal live-cell imaging, in addition to other methods.