Postdoctoral Fellow
(609) 258-5731

Sofi grew up in Pennsylvania and went to undergrad at Princeton University, where she studied Molecular Biology with a certificate in Quantitative & Computational Biology and Latin American studies. There, she got hooked on doing biology research when she started working in Eva-Maria Schoetz-Collins’s laboratory in her freshman year. For her senior thesis research, she researched how microbes communicate through quorum sensing in Bonnie Bassler’s laboratory. After undergrad, she went on to California Institute of Technology for her Ph.D. studies in Mitchell Guttman’s Lab. At Caltech, she developed a genomic method called SPRITE to map RNA and DNA organization in the cell. There, she became fascinated about how nuclear bodies interact with the genome. She is very excited to return to Princeton as a postdoc in the Brangwynne lab, where she is interested in combining biophysical tools with genomic approaches to understand how condensates shape nuclear organization. In her spare time, she enjoys doing pilates, running, and spending time with friends and family.