Cell biology befriends soft matter physics, May 20, 2020
by Vivien Marx

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Biomolecular condensates pique drug discovery curiosity, April 10, 2019
by Asher Mullard

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New tool shines a light on protein condensation in living cells, January 4, 2017
by Adam Hadhazy for the Office of Engineering Communications

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Cliff Brangwynne seeks the symphony in the science of cells, September 5th, 2018

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New tools illuminate the liquid forces at play in living cells, November 29, 2018
by Adam Hadhazy

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“Lava-Lamp” Proteins May Help Cells Cheat Death

Scientific American, November 28, 2018
By Katia Moskvitch, Quanta Magazine

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Brangwynne Wins $8M for Biomedical Research

Town Topics, May 23, 2018
By Donald Gilpin

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Older News Archive

Cliff back from a seminar visit to Memorial Sloan Kettering. Thanks especially to Philipp Niethammer and colleagues for being great hosts!

Cliff back from giving a seminar and meeting with the students at the MBL Physiology course. Always awesome to be there, where so much cool science happens

Cliff back from giving a talk at the NIH High Risk High Reward Symposium. Thanks to Ravi Basavappa and folks at the NIH Common Fund for the New Innovator award that got our lab off the ground, and to John…

Congrats to postdoc Felix Keber, who has been awarded an EMBO fellowship for his project co-advised by Cliff and Martin Wuhr. Way to go Felix!!

Official announcement that Cliff has been named an HHMI Investigator!!! Check out the different news stories put out by HHMI, Princeton, and a local newspaper Town Topics.

Congrats to postdoc Laura Gray on the birth of her beautiful daughter Caroline!!

Cliff back from giving a seminar at NYU. Thanks to Lionel Christiaen and colleagues for being great hosts!

Dan’s paper on the Corelet system and his findings on the difference between local and global phase separation, is now posted to bioRxiv! Elliot’s paper on the “Reverse OptoDrop” PixELL system is also out on bioRxiv. Congrats!